Prior Group News

Dec '22: Tom, Luis, and Bryan coauthors with Yang Cao in Advanced Science for nanocoatings enabling Ultrahigh Capacitance.

Fall '22: Bryan joins MRS Strategic Agility Council.

Sep '22: Tom and Bryan coauthors with Dennis Meier in Advanced Materials for TAFM to resolve nanoscale domain curvature in 3 dimensions.

Aug '22: Jaclyn, Fei, and Bryan coauthors in Soft Matter with Xueju Wang on thermochromic liquid crystal elastomers for soft robotics.

Summer '22: Luis on internship with Mott.

May '22: Ramesh, Nick, Jingfeng, and Tom team up for invited Advanced Electronic Materials article on Activation Energy mapping for ferroelectric switching.

Nov '21: James and Bryan are coauthors in Nanotechnology with Sergei Kalinin on unsupervised machine learning for dynamic pfm.

Jun '21: Jingfeng, Mike, and Luis publish in Advanced Functional Materials on BFO/CFO vertically aligned nanocomposites.

Mar '21: The next paper from Tom's work with Keigo Suzuki and Murata, on Charge Injection and Decay of Nanoscale Dielectric Films, is published in J. American Ceramic Society. 

Feb '21: Jingfeng's invited Perspectives article in Applied Physics Letters highlights Tomographic AFM efforts in our lab and others.

Feb '21: It's now Dr. Tom after he defends his PhD thesis!

Jan '21: Bryan, Jingfeng, and Luis participate in the EMA '21 conference.

Dec '20: Bryan and Jingfeng give invited talks at MRS 2021. Will and Luis also present.

Nov '20: Bryan gives invited talk at UPenn.

Sep '20: Joule highlight's Jingfeng's paper in Nature Communications.

Sep '20: Will's work in support of Baikun Li's group has been published in ACS Sensors, presenting a new device for accurate and continuous monitoring of nitrate in wastewater.

Sep'20: Bryan gives invited talk to Raytheon Research.

Sep '20: Our group contributes to DOE supported work on PERC solar cell degradation pathways, lately published in IEEE and the Int. J. of Modern Physics B.

Aug '20: Nice writeup about the Nature Communications paper.

Aug '20: Manny's paper on Iridium oxide electrodes for piezo- and pyro- electric devices is published in J. Materials Science.

July '20: Jingfeng's paper identifying anomalous 3D photoconduction for grains and especially certain grain boundaries in Hybrid Perovskites is now available online in Nature Communications. In collaboration with Zhou and Padture from Brown, tomographic AFM once again provides heretofore inaccessible insight into materials properties.

Jun '20: Our ferroelectric switching movies contribute to papers in Nature Communications and Advanced Materials.

May '20: Congratulations to Francis Almonte for finishing his MS degree! And Greg Hyatt and Brendan McLarty for wrapping up their MEng capstone design projects. Also Elie and Andrew as they complete their BS degrees and move to RPI and CU Boulder, respectively. Huey group alumni Spencer Matonis and Zachary Thatcher are bound for PhD programs too, at CMU and NYU, respectively.

May '20: Well done Katie and Eric as they win 3rd place and a valuable cash prize for their Senior Design Presentation. They investigated adhesives with Marmon for deep-well power cables.

May '20: Alexandra, Mike, and Tom's paper is now published on direct VOC mapping in PERC solar cells. This is in collaboration with the broader team on a CWRU-led DOE effort studying degradation mechanisms for PERC photovoltaic systems.

Mar '20: Covid19 related safety protocols for the MSE department, and UConn in general, are essentially shutting down the labs for ~6 weeks. We'll be responding actively by email but new data acquisition in the labs is necessarily limited for the time being.

Mar '20: Luis receives an award to present at the Western Alliance to Expand Student Opportunities conference.

Mar '20: Tom competes in SOE poster competition.

Jan '20: Bryan, Jingfeng, Francis, and Luis each present at EMA.

Dec' 19: Bryan is on TV as one of 5 co-chairs for the MRS Fall meeting, which was a great success for more than 6000 MSE'ers.

Dec '19: Jingfeng and Bryan give invited presentations at MRS Fall19 and Tom gives a contributed talk. The department carries on the Huey group tradition with bowling on Tuesday night as well.

Nov '19: Bryan at the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges Scholars Program Workshop.

Nov '19: Bryan co-organizes symposium and gives 2 invited talks at PacRim (Okinawa, Japan), as well as presenting at US-Japan Piezoelectric and Dielectric Symposium (Tsukuba, Japan).

Nov '19: Chapter by BDH on SPM in Materials Science now available in Springer Handbook of Microscopy.

Oct '19: Bryan visits and gives seminar at SpectroLab (Boeing's space solar cell company, Sylmar, California).

Oct '19: Bryan gives 2 talks at MS&T.

Sep '19: Katherine and now Will's work with Pfizer using nanomechanics to identify dehydration events in nanogram-scale single crystal pharmaceutical particles is already online with J. Powder Technology.

Fall '19: Tom is on an internship with K. Suzuki at Murata, in Kyoto, Japan.

Aug '19: Bryan co-organizes a symposium and gives an invited presentation at ISIF, Dublin, Ireland.

Jul '19: Bryan travels to Switzerland to give a talk at F2cPi2 in Lausanne and an invited lecture at U. Geneva.

Jul '19: We welcome Dr. Will Linthicum, who joins the group following a PhD at WPI probing the nanomechanics of living cells.

Jun '19: Bryan presents at the IEEE PVSC meeting.

Summer '19: Elie spends the summer with Iris Visoly-Fisher at Ben Gurion University (Israel) on an IBEX fellowship. Andrew has a summer internship at DOE's NREL. Both are working on halide perovskites.

May '19: Bryan inducted into the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering.

May '19: Varun Vyas' work with D. Knecht (UConn MCB) and O. Kolosov (U. Lancaster Physics) published in the journal Ultrasonics Sonochemistry about in vitro micro-acoustic traps for micropartical manipulations and biological manipulation .

May '19: Varun's paper on the nanomechanics of cellular spheroids including sub-surface stiffness mapping is published in Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering.

Apr '19: Bryan gives 2 talks at MRS Spring meeting.

Mar '19: Spencer wins best poster at the CMOC conference. Ryan also presents.

Mar '19: Bryan gives seminar at UC Davis.

Jan '19: James's paper on tomography and thickness-dependent switching in ferroelectrics is published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. Great press about it too.

Jan '19: Welcome to Luis Ortiz as a new PhD candidate. Also James gives an invited talk at EMA, while Bryan, Tom, and Michael also present.

Dec '18: We welcome new postdoc Jinfeng Song to the group where he will lead our future efforts on new AFM Tomography developments.

Nov '18: Bryan gives an invited talk about Tomography at UMichigan and about future faculty obligations at the MRS Fall meeting.

Sep '18: James is off to a new role at Global Foundries with a full time side-job of publishing the rest of his outstanding results.

Aug '18: SCIENCE! James and Bryan contribute to a new paper coauthored in Science on water desalination membranes.

Aug '18: James successfully defends his PhD Dissertation, and Alex successfully defends her MS Dissertation. That was a busy week!

Jun '18: Katherine's paper on direct Voc mapping published on the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology.

May/Jun '18: Bryan presents PFM tutorial and invited talks at IFAAP meeting in Hiroshima. Also visits Seungbum Hong at KAIST and Tae Won Noh at SNU in Korea.

May '18: James' and Bryan's work with NREL on novel piezoelectricity for negative pressure polymorphs featured in Science Advances.

May '18: Manny and Linghan celebrate earning their PhD's at graduation. Congratulations to Manny for his job at Blue Origin as a Radiation Effects Engineer testing the impact of space radiation on electronic devices.

Apr '18: While in Tempe AZ for the MRS spring meeting, Bryan hosts a UConn SOE alumni gathering including the chance to catch up with local HueyAFMLabs alumni Yasemin and Linghan.

Mar '18: James WINS School of Engineering Grad student Poster Contest.

Mar '18: Bryan announced as one of 5 co-chairs for MRS Fall '19 conference.

Mar '18: James competes in MSE Spring speaking contest.

Feb '18: Manny selected to represent UConn at the upcoming AAAS "Catalyzing Advocacy for Science & Engineering" Workshop in Washington DC.

Feb '18: Our work with Y. Khan coupling ultrasound and optics for mechanical mapping is published in Tissue Engineering A.

Jan '18: Bryan and Manny each present at EAM.

Dec '17: Bryan becomes MS&E department head.

Nov '17: James and Tom each give well-received talks at the MRS Fall meeting.

Oct '17: Bryan co-organizes the 18th biennial US-Japan Seminar on Dielectric and Piezoelectric Ceramics. James and Bryan each present.

Oct '17: We welcome Dr. Keigo Suzuki from Murata for an extended visit to the labs and joint research.

Sep '17: Andrew Levin completes Holster Fellowship, a competitive 1 year research program for 1st year undergraduates.

Sep '17: $950k NSF-MRI award begins to develop a Tomographic AFM.

Aug '17: Katherine returns from a summer internship at Pfizer.

Jul '17: The HueyAFMLabs are co-investigators for mapping nanoscale photovolatic performance on a $1.5M DOE award with Roger French's group at Case Western on future Si solar cell degradation science.

Jul 2017: Bryan spends 2 weeks in the UK with Oleg Kolosov's group at Lancaster Univ.

Jun 2017: Bryan attends ICE17 in Japan and visits muRata, Taiyo Yuden, and TDK as part of Fulrath award.

May 2017: Bon voyage to graduating group members Dr. Linghan Ye (Intel) and Mr. Zach Thatcher (MPR Associates).

Apr 2017: Bryan gives invited talk at spring meeting of New England Microscopy Society. Our paper on sectioning and planarization of solar cells is published in Nanotechnology. Zachary Thatcher wins 2nd place at annual meeting of American Physical Society New England meeting.

Mar 2017: Enhanced piezoelectric properties via declamping published in Advanced Functional Materials.

Jan 2017: Bryan is a keynote speaker at the International Conference of Science and Technology Innovation, focused on the impact of science on society, held in Nagaoka, Japan.

Oct 2016: Bryan honored by American Ceramic Society with Richard M. Fulrath award.

Sep 2016: Justin and Yasemin's paper on Tomography of CdTe solar cells is published in Nature Energy. Nice press at UConnBrookhaven National Lab, the Royal Society of Chemistry, and elsewhere.

Sep 2016: Alexandra Longacre joins group as M.S. student, and wins prestigious Iberdrola Foundation fellowship. Thomas Moran also joins the group.

May 2016: Bryan named as UTC Professor of Engineering Innovation

May 2016: Yasemin's paper mapping Isc and Voc in MAPbI3 published in Nanoletters.

May 2016: Varun's work with Yusuf Khan (UCHC) on ultrasound and cells is published in Experimental Biology and Medicine.

April 2016: Doug literally parachutes onto campus with UConn skydiving club.

Mar 2016: Article on Nanoscale solar cell performance for CdTe published in Progress in Photovoltaics.

Mar 2016: Ryan wins 2 project design/incubation awards for stethoscope protector.

Feb 2016: JPCL paper hits 100 citations in <18 months (observing ferroelectric domains in CH3NH3PbI3 molecular perovskite thin films).

Dec 2015: Justin wins best poster at MRS.

Oct 2015: Yasemin earns her PhD and moves on to Intel-Phoenix.

September 2015: Doug Hendrix joins the group to work with Prof. Kay Wille on nano-cements.

Jul 2015: Mr. Gyuho Song joins the group to work along with Prof. SeokWoo Lee on Aerospace Composites from GKN and Pratt and Whitney.

Jun 2015: Yasemin begins a summer internship with Pfizer, and Manny begins a summer internship at ARL.

May 2015: Nick and Doug take 2nd prize among MSE Sr. Design projects.

April 2015: Yasemin gives a great talk at the MS&E student speaking contest.

March 2015: Manny wins crowd favorite in UConn SOE poster contest.

March 2015: Zachary receives SURF fellowship.

March 2015: Justin wins a poster award at the PVMRW conference in Colorado.

February 2015: Manny, Aliya, and Bryan publish in JMR about in situ measurements of MEMS devices. Yasemin's work on solar cells is featured on the cover!

December 2014: James, Linghan, and Bryan published in Nature, including News and Views summary! Excellent images in university publicity too.

November 2014: Dr. Justin Luria joins HueyAFMLabs on an EERE-Sunshot postdoctoral fellowship.

October 2014: Bryan rises to chair of the 1200+ member Basic Science Division of the American Ceramic Society.